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Eric Chuang

Eric is the author of Mavic Secrets and Drone Enthusiast who wants to share all the cool stuff he's learned about drones..
Picture Perfect will Turn Your Shots into Stories
Learn Advanced Cinematic Drone Movements with Picture Perfect Video Course
Contextualized Overview
Breakdowns on how Steven Spielberg used Drone Footages to tell the Jurassic Park story.
5 Professional Shots
Turn Your Shots into Stories with Half-Moon Shots, Upper Reveal and more..
Remote Step By Step
Visually Learn How to Perform Advanced Drone Maneuvers
Maximize Your Flight Time
  •  Learn How To Fly Your Drone with Confidence - Even if you think you are already...
  •  Perform Advanced Cinematography Maneuvers - like Half Moon Shot, Upper Reveal and more...
  •  Maneuvers Anyone Can Do & Learn ... Right Now! 
  •  Get Picture Perfect and Turn Your Shots into Stories
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