Simple Tricks That Anyone Can Do... But No One Ever Does... 
Worried About Crashing Your $1000 Mavic? Phantom? or any other Drones You Own?
Mavic Secrets will Eliminate All Crashing Factors!
Mavic Secrets was written for a beginner pilot, but you’d be surprised to find out how much an “experienced” pilot doesn’t know...

Learn proven drills & techniques to flying your drone and start fly like it's second nature..

Whether you’re shooting for real estate, wake boarding, resort videos, or all the way up to feature film and television shows, you’re going to have everything you need to get started.
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 Don't let this ever happen to you:
 Game Changers in this book:
Battery Malfunction is one of the biggest reasons for a drone crash and will be heavily covered. 
Pre-flight, safe operations and proper Calibrations for your DJI Mavic. 
Access to Full Pre-flight checklist and 7 effective drone drills anyone can learn and apply right away
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Sneak Peak:
You should always perform a 'Deep Cycle' after 10 hours of flight time for a longer-lasting DJI Battery.
Battery percentage shown on the DJI App is just as unreliable as the battery percentage shown on your smart phone
Apps that help you figure out safety, weather, wind, points of interference, airport locations to ensure a professional flight 
"Stop Worrying, Start Flying"
UPDATED: Get the 2018 Revised and Reformatted Version
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Here's What You'll Learn From Mavic Secrets:
  • Before we get into best practices for flying, we’re actually going to cover all the pre-flight and safe operations for your DJI Mavic. 
  • Believe it or not, there are things to even cause you to crash before you ever take off... 
  • We’re going to go over the simple ethics and professionalism of flying, then I’m going to teach you the simple calibrations you must do to your drone in order to avoid a flyway...
  • Battery Care will be heavily covered. You will learn how to Deep Cycle your batteries for longer-lasting DJI batteries...
  • Learn everything about Battery Discharge Rates and how you can use it to your advantage...
  • Access to Full Pre-flight checklist and 7 effective drone drills anyone can learn and apply right away
  • Perform organic turns that result in amazing footages... we're going to start smalland then systematically build you upwith LOS drills, then FPV drills.
  • We're going to simplify what many beginners may think is complicated, allowing you to start taking action in getting the results you desire... 
  • BONUS: If you're thinking about turning passion into profit, we added a bonus section discussing how you can jump start your career and business as a drone pilot
  • and much more...
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